NEW Meinl Limited Edition Box Sets Arrive at Memphis Drum Shop

The new Meinl Limited Edition Box Sets have arrived! Given the unique nature of these, we have been eagerly awaiting their arrival!

These new box sets offer three different cymbal lines to choose from: HCS, MCS, and Classics Custom

HCS cymbals are made from a brass alloy that look and sound great. With their warm sound, HCS brass cymbals are designed to be affordable and get players introduced to Meinl’s sound. Limited Edition box sets of HCS start at $99.99 and include a free 10” splash, a free pair of Pro-Mark drumsticks, three free lessons from Mike Johnston of

MCS cymbals are crafted from a pro-level bronze alloy. They offer great cut, feel, and look - all without breaking the bank. MCS’ wide-array of available sizes and sounds allows for endless sonic possibilities while maintaining affordability. Limited Edition box sets of MCS start at $159.99. One of our favorite limited edition box set offering in the MCS is the Meinl MCS Limited Edition Cymbal Box Set w/ FREE 16” MCS Trash Crash Cymbal. The MCS 16” Trash Crash is an 8-holed crash cymbal designed to cut in the mid to high frequency ranges. The free Trash Crash is a refreshing take on the traditional “free” crash cymbal, one that makes this box set extremely attractive.

Classics Custom step into the B10 bronze alloy category. By design, Classics Customs are loud, bright, and cut with purpose. The rides are crystal clear and hi hats allow the player to bear down and channel his or her inner funkiness. The Meinl Classics Custom Crash Pack Box Set w/ FREE 10” Splash and Classics 8” Bell targets the “aggressive” player looking to expand their setup with some new crashes, a free splash, and a musical bell.

We are very excited to offer these Limited Edition box sets! Whatever your playing style, Meinl has you covered. And whatever your questions, we’d be glad to help. Give us a call at 888.276.2331 or email us at to pick up one of these great Limited Edition Meinl Cymbal Packs today. Hurry before we run out - and we will run out!

Fred Gretsch, III and Jim Pettit Hand-Selected USA Custom Shells

The President of Memphis Drum Shop, Jim Pettit, met up Gretsch Drums owner, Fred Gretsch III, at the Gretsch Drums factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina recently to hand-pick a USA Custom drum set. This gorgeous kit was the result of that meeting and selection process. What a great story for you to tell your drumming buddies: “My kit was hand-selected by Fred Gretsch, III himself.” I mean, really, how cool is that?!

The curly maple grain on these shells is absolutely breathtaking. USA Custom shells are all straight-sided, with hand cut and hand sanded 30-degree bearing edges. The die-cast hoops included with this kit help to focus the tone and keep the drums in tune. Die-cast hoops have been included as a standard on all Gretsch toms and snare drums since the mid 1950’s. 

If you’re looking for American-made, no-nonsense, great sounding drums, look no further than the USA Custom. If you’re after a kit that is totally unique in the USA Custom line, this is it! “That Great Gretsch Sound” has arrived and it could be yours.

We can also special order any Gretsch drum set you desire. Call or email us at 888.276.2331 or for more details on this kit or any other kit. We’d be glad to help.

Craviotto Private Reserve drums are made from a extensive variety of woods, dimensions, finishes and hardware. These drums feature a full complement of premium components as well as the flawless workmanship that has made Craviotto a legend among drummers and drum builders. From their personalized Craviotto Private Reserve drum badge to their unparalleled tone and unprecedented individuality, these one-off instruments are sure to provide their owners with a lifetime of spectacular, one-of-a-kind performance.

Be careful when watching the following demo video, it can cause you to take out your wallet and involuntarily enter your credit card number.  You have been warned.

Contact us today to purchase this drum set. Call us at 888.276.2331 or email at

Looking for “That Great Gretsch Sound”?  Here you go…

Hand-crafted in limited quantities at the Gretsch USA Custom factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina, these Ribbon Mahogany drum sets represent the best in Gretsch quality with a boutique, naturally figured appearance.

The ribbon effect is created by an interlocking wood grain that grows in opposite directions from one year to the next. To maximize the grain appearance, the log is quarter-sawn, then processed into the veneer form. This technique reveals the full and visually stunning effect of ribbon mahogany. All drums are finished in satin nitrocellulose lacquer to allow the natural grain and deep, rich brown and red tinged color tones of the ribbon mahogany to be fully appreciated.

This legendary drum set features Gretsch USA Custom Maple-formula shell with exterior ply of Ribbon Mahogany, 30-degree bearing edges, Die-cast tom and snare hoops, Satin Classic Maple finish bass drum hoops, and a Micro Sensitive throw-off.  

With quantities limited to only 12 available in North America, you’d better act fast to get your hands on one of these rare, sought-after kits. 

Contact us today at or call us toll-free at 888.276.2331 for more info about this drum set. 

George H. Way Tradition Tuxedo Birch Drum Set

In today’s drum universe, there are a collection of drummers who are looking for the vintage, “old school” sound.  Thanks to Ronn Dunnett and the George H. Way Drum Company, that elusive sound has finally returned. 

Introducing the George H. Way Tradition Tuxedo Birch Drum Set:


Ronn Dunnett obtained the rights to the George H. Way Drum company in 2006 and has been producing quality George Way instruments ever since. This particular kit is a prototype of the Tuxedo line of drum sets Ronn has been working on and it was featured at NAMM 2014. 

This unique drum set features 4 ply birch shells, Tuxedo lugs, Double Flange Hoops, and a custom made George. H. Way resonant bass drum head, created by Memphis Drum Shop.  The 4 ply birch shells produce boosted high frequencies, with slightly reduced mids, and a good low end punch for applications requiring extra presence and cut.

With room filling tone and quality to match, this one-of-a-kind drum set will not be here very long.  Get it while you still can. 

Contact us today at 888.276.2331 or to purchase this kit or to order a George H. Way drum set with your specifications.